200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

If you have been looking for a yoga course, but have not been able to travel to the best schools, do not worry. We, at Shiva Yoga Ashram, have some good news for you. After the pandemic hit the globe, most courses and educational opportunities have gone online. Earlier, online education was looked down upon, but it has emerged as a sure-shot winner when everybody was locked up at their homes.

Digital education is now one of the core aspects of education. The same applies to the entire globe. Many professionals discover or want to delve into the spiritual side of the universe. However, work pressure may not allow individuals to explore the realm outside their workspace. Moreover, traveling abroad can be a challenge for people with families.

Additionally, there are people among you, who have been practicing yoga for a long time but do not have formal certification. For such individuals, the online yoga teacher training course is one of the best offerings. You can now enroll in the 200 hour online yoga teacher training course to gain an entry into the world of yoga teacher training, as a beginner.

200 hour online yoga tecaher training

The 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour yoga tecaher training

Shiva Yoga Ashram is an accredited Yoga school, under the umbrella of Yoga Alliance. It is one of the supreme yoga bodies that certify all the courses, at the registered schools. If you complete the Online 200 hour yoga teacher training from this renowned school, you can get the best opportunities to teach yoga abroad as well as in your own home country.

Through the Online 200 hour YTTC, we deliver authentic yoga knowledge, in both practical as well as theoretical arenas. All the students, who pursue YTTC from our esteemed school leave the school as proficient teachers. You may also join the program and come out as a winner. Apart from asanas, you will also learn about various Pranayama techniques, meditation, mudras, bandhas, and mantras. Ayurveda is also a part of the course.

We have designed a universal curriculum, in keeping with the guidelines mentioned by the 200 hour online yttc, which will give you an enriching experience, and also deepen your knowledge of yoga. We have the best yoga faculty as well, who has been teaching yoga for a long time. So, you can expect to get proper guidance in the realm of yoga.

The Online 200 Hour Yoga TTC Course Inclusions

The course offers you comprehensive learning, which holds the same weightage as the offline course. We will teach you through pre-recorded videos, for which you will have access for a certain duration according to the fee structure. Unlimited access for the first year is guaranteed. Additionally, you can also attend the doubt-clearing sessions on weekends. The course modules are available in PDF format, which you can access just after enrolment. Moreover, the Yoga Alliance certification is the icing on the cake.

Classical Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga are some of the major styles that we will cover as a part of the 200 hour online yoga TTC. You will also learn about sequencing, body alignments, and modifications. From the very first class, you will learn the various aspects that you have to know as a teacher. For a few individuals, offline classes can be strenuous. So, through the 200 hour online YTT, you can explore several opportunities in the realm of yoga teaching, without the hassles. Moreover, the course comes at a lower price. However, we at Shiva Yoga Ashram will never compromise on the quality of the course, whether it is offline or online. We have curated the course, as it will be a self-paced study. So, almost all students, who enroll for it, while keeping their jobs, will be comfortable throughout the course.

What Subjects Will I Learn?

    In the Online 200 hour YTT, you will learn about the entire basic level course, through videos and soft copies of study material. Our yoga school sticks to all the basic standards of yoga learning and will maintain parity in the syllabus as well. After you complete the Online ytt, you will also be able to apply for RYT 200. Although the experience will be less strenuous as opposed to the full-time course at the ashram, you have to complete all the assignments and sit for the final examination, to be considered eligible for the course.

    Today, the minimum eligibility to teach yoga at any school is the 200 hour online yoga teacher training course, and the Online yoga TTC, will be just fine. The subjects that you will learn as a part of the course are

    Our Core Values

  • Asanas – Hatha – Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Bandhas
  • Mudras
  • Kriyas
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • Yoga Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Nidra
  • History
  • Lineage
  • Teaching Pedagogy
  • Question and Answer
  • sessions Assignments

As a part of the Online yoga course, you will also be able to learn about a small part of Ayurveda. The Online yoga training course will help you to explore all the realms of yoga in complete detail.

Career After the Online TTC

online yoga teacher training in rishikesh

After you complete the 200 hour online yoga teacher training course from Shiva Yoga Ashram, a whole world of opportunities will open up in front of you. Moreover, it is going to be one of the most enriching experiences for you. You will get the same benefits as that of the offline course at the ashram. You should take the online classes extremely seriously so that you can start teaching just after you complete the course. The 200 hour online yoga teacher training will help you to delve deep into yoga. However, you have to continue to practice, unless and until you become confident to be able to handle a class full of yoga students.

If you want to engage in self-practice, then that is absolutely possible as well. You can pursue the course and then practice at home, and also serve the community with free classes. While you offer yoga classes, you will encounter problems, in the classes. That is for sure! So, you can always get back to your online teachers and get the best solutions. Many students also opt for the 300-hour YTTC. So, you can also do the same. The 300-hr course is more intensive in nature. Moreover, you will also learn about the higher modalities. The yogis also complete the 500-hr course, which is the highest one.

Advantages Of The Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

There are quite a few advantages associated with the Online 200 hour yttc. You will learn about the major benefits here.

200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh
  • You will gain enhanced credibility as a teacher of yoga, after having completed the 200 hour online yttc. Yoga Alliance offers you global certification, which will help you to gain employment across the globe and also as an online teacher. You can also open your own yoga training school.
  • You will become a part of the Global Yoga Community. Make friends with like-minded people and also mingle with other nationalities. Likewise, you will be able to grow your network. You can also land global jobs in yoga teaching, through such contacts.
  • The Online 200 hour yoga ttc will help you to get access to yoga workshops. The workshops will offer you renewed learning and upgrades as well. Free registration to yoga study groups is another one of bouquet of benefits.

Why Should You Choose Shiva Yoga Ashram?

    You should choose the 200 hour online yoga ttc, so that you get immense knowledge about the realm at a low cost. There are more benefits associated with the course.

  • We are one of the most reputed Yoga teachers training schools, offering the 200 hour online ytt.
  • We have more than a decade of experience, in teaching yoga.
  • Our expert faculty is adept at teaching the Online 200 hour ytt.
  • We have students from all over the world, and that proves our credibility.
  • Our school is Yoga Alliance accredited, and that makes the courses recognized all over the world.
  • You will get access to the Online ytt course material, even after you have completed the course.

Shiva Yoga Ashram is one of the best schools in India, offering Online yoga TTC, so you should consider taking admission to our courses today itself. Moreover, everything is happening online, so there are very few hassles for you.

You can avail yourself of the Online yoga course, to get into a new career. Additionally, you can also attendonline classes, to gain a new perspective on life. We allow the students to explore the realm, in their own way. So, you get the maximum benefits of the self-paced online yoga training course.

You can also choose to visit the ashram at your own convenience. That is why, we also encourage students to take time off, or come on a vacation to India, and explore Rishikesh. It is the Yoga Capital of the World and we are based there. Travelling will open up your possibilities as a learner, and then as a teacher.